Quinton Township in NJ donates Radiant Wraps to Inspira’s Radiation Oncology Department!

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www.snjtoday.com Updated: November 13, 2017 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Radiant Wrap Each year Quinton Township School holds a fundraiser. This year Brooke, a former student and parent (At Quinton Township School, Trenton, NJ) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I would like to share her story and how Radiant Wrap

New breast cancer test finds disease when mammograms don’t

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New breast cancer test finds disease when mammograms don’t Researchers at Mayo Clinic developed a technology that can spot breast tumors in dense tissue at a fraction of the cost of MRI’s. Mayo Clinic By Teresa Welsh twelsh@mcclatchy.com Mammograms have been responsible for alerting hundreds of thousands of women of

Comfortable Hospital Gown, The Radiant Wrap, Created by Designer With Breast Cancer

by Robin Gardner in We’re Taking Charge Together 02 Jul 2016 Look good…feel good. Maria Lucas is a five-year cancer survivor and designer of The Radiant Wrap, an alternative, comfortable hospital gown for women to wear during radiation treatments for breast cancer. On her website Lucas proudly proclaims, “I’ll always

Breast Cancer Rates Will Increase 50% by 2030

I wanted to share this article that appeared in Yahoo News tonight: U.S. Breast Cancer Rates Will Increase 50% By 2030 (But It’s Not All Bad News) Jenna Birch‎ April‎ ‎20‎, ‎2015 Some breast cancers are on the rise — while others will become less common. The reasons why are

Surviving Breast Cancer – Are we really different people for it?

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I was talking to an old friend last week who I haven’t seen in over twenty years. He had heard that I had Breast Cancer and told me he was really sorry for not reaching out- that I must have gone through hell and how was I? It struck me