Makes the perfect Breast Cancer gift for your loved one.

Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter or a friend who has Breast Cancer, give a gift that helps her Look and Feel beautiful during treatment


  • Help your loved one to feel confident, dignified and beautiful
  • Flowers dry up, but Radiant Wrap stays bright throughout treatment
  • During this difficult journey give her a gift she will never forget


Your loved one deserves better

Treatment is five days a week for six weeks. Don’t let her face this challenging journey in a regular hospital gown!


  • Regular Hospital gowns leave you exposed, uncomfortable and feeling vulnerable.
  • Radiant Wrap’s unique wrap around design keeps her totally covered and secure
  • This is the time to act!  Give your loved one a breast cancer gift that will keep her looking stylish, chic and radiant throughout treatment.


Help her look pretty while going through something not so pretty. Cancer is ugly, but she is beautiful!