The only thing that I can think about is what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. I grew up in Ridgefield, about twenty minutes from Newtown. An idyllic place- far away from all the madness the big cities had. This week we all saw how no one is immune- tragedy can come at anytime to any of us. All we can do is live each day as if it is our last one here on this earth- be kind to one another- love one another- and stop sweating the small stuff.
I want to post lyrics to an old Allman Brothers song in Memorium:

If I die at 23
Won’t you bury me
In the Sunshine
Please let me now that you’re still mine
Though I’m gone
My love for you is oh so strong

And if the grass grows over me
Let me know
You still love me
Never put nobody else above me
Then I’ll know
My love for you will always grow

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